TOP 10 Things to do after Lockdown ends[USA]- New York, California, Texas.

We all had dozens of plans for the year 2020. We made long To-Do lists at the start of the year and would have surely loved to stick to them and fulfil them with our loved ones. But since the unfortunate coronavirus pandemic shook the world and left us trapped in our homes for more than 8 months now. But now as the world is healing and we are hopeful of recovering to our everyday lives again. People in the USA want some things to do after lockdown ends.

Here is what every American and maybe every one of us is thinking to do first hand after the lockdown ends. I’m sure people’s lists narrows down to travel, road trips, get-togethers, playing games with friends, food truck, travel to London, and even shaking hands. I did a survey where people listed their top 10 things to do after lockdown ends.

You will be surprised to know that most of the things were relatively standard, but still, the people of the US wanted them the most. To not die, survive, meet strangers and to walk without a mask was few of them for American people. The vast majority aren’t Oprah-rich and can’t go through consistently travelling to finish desires after the pandemic. Glad, you don’t require to win a lottery ticket to do the things mentioned below.


Top 10 things to do after lockdown ends for American people.

1. Road trips

I’d say without a doubt you have to travel. First thing on the list of Top things to do after lockdown ends.

For the USA, I think road tripping through the West/southwest of the country was one of the top mentioned experiences. Seeing all of the different beautiful landscapes in Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Muir Woods.. amazing. Be sure to leave time enough to hike and camp and really explore.

With coronavirus still a threat, a lot of people have been doing similar road trips and lots of camping. But I think it’s still not that safe out there and you should surely wait out some more time before planning the trip. You will be happily appreciating some great things, the USA has to offer, especially during this time when there is a lot of ugly in the US!

2. Go out without a mask and Hug People

This was the weirdest thing mentioned by a lot of people in the survey. First without a mask hmm maybe not, Continue to wear a mask because you have to care about your health and everyone else’s health. I wear it because I have to and I get that it’s safer, but I hate it, it feels gross. This would definitely be one of the things to do after lockdown ends.

Feel the rush of Times Square, N.Y. or have a visit Las Vegas Strip, Nevada. The strip visit and appreciate the Bellagio Water show en route which is one of must do-es whiles strolling the strip Tip: Take your time, happy with strolling shoes, take your camera, unwind and appreciate the walk.

Anyways this was mentioned by 78% that they want to meet with strangers and just give them free hugs and without a mask was indeed the most common keyword. People are missing the warmth of hugging people in the lockdown that is why this made it to the Top 10 things American people are dying to do after lockdown ends.

3. Visit Local Food Trucks

Eat a whole bunch of taco bell and have the best sh*t of your life. According to a survey of 2016 – Best Food Trucks in America , done by daily meal. Top 3 food trucks in the USA were found to be:

Top food trucks America in Things to do after lockdown ends.

1. Oink & Moo BBQ, Florham Park, New Jersey

2. Cinnamon Snail, New York City

3. Ms Cheezious, Miami

I know the survey needs an update comment on your favourite local food truck down below. Not sure if it’s Texas only, but Captain Tom’s Seafood and homemade Pesto shrimp pasta are the best food you can enjoy.


4. Go to the movie theatre

Go out in public and do stuff, maybe movie theatre is one of the best. American people miss the smell of popcorn, the rolling laughter, and gasps of surprise from a crowd. It doesn’t matter what movie is it how much it’s rated on IMDb. Just go to the nearby theatre and enjoy it.

If there’s a theatre company in town that shows movies that are out of the big theatres and almost to home release for a reduced price. I would treat myself to a movie once or twice a in theatre are Things to do after lockdown ends

Man, Tuesday or Wednesday night at the 10:30 pm showing, and you have the theatre darned near to yourself. I’d buy popcorn, some candy, and big ole of water and just enjoy the movie. I miss it a lot, actually. I hope theatres are still a thing whenever this is over.

5. To-Do Nothing

Yes, maybe sounds a bit strange as we have had plenty of time to follow this activity in the lockdown. But the truth is that most people have adjusted this kind of lifestyle, sit inside WFH(work from home) and earn. One of the Things to do after lockdown ends is To do Nothing.

They also stated that things might go worse again (hoping not) therefore it’s better to sit inside and spend some time with the family. I also think this is true to some level as Precaution is better than cure, and indeed some people feel safer in being home rather than doing these outdoor activities.

6. Attend a Concert

Go to a concert, My god I f**king miss them. I was never super into them before, I’ve only ever been to Lolla and smaller local shows. I was always never excited for the whole concert-going experience, thought maybe I shouldn’t be spending my money on them and didn’t go to a lot but omg I regret it so much now. I can’t wait to just go out to things like that again and have it be expected I’m so excited, and I never want to take it for granted also.

Concerts in Things to do after lockdown ends

7. Back to college

Students are eager to go back to college not only in the US but in other parts of the country. I guess they are missing the best phase of their life, perhaps it is not about education but the college life: the friends you make, the college environment, and remember not to take stuff and get high af.

Playing Outdoor games at 3 am and waking up at 2 at noon has become a long distant memory now. As we all have to follow the sleep pattern at home. College life is the best thing that happens to oneself as a student, and you surely can’t miss out on all that fun.

8. Go Home, Visit Friends and Family.

I am glad that I with my family at such a hard time, but most of us are not that lucky—American people who are away from their family for any of the reasons. Home is the first priority for them after this pandemic ends. Family dinners are what they really miss. I hope this pandemic comes to an end soon, Fingers crossed. This cute thing made it to the list of Top things to do after lockdown ends.

Many people are just eager to meet their close friends and take pending parties for the birthdays and other joyous moments. Some people are dying to meet and visit their loved ones like I am missing my grandmother. Everyone is planning to have fun together after this lonely monotonous routine of lockdown period. Surely, Video calls and technology has kept us a lot closer to each other but some things are fun only when we are together in the moment.

Going Home to Family. American people dying to do this after lockdown ends

9. Find a new Job

Being a blogger is an advantage in such scenarios, but still many of us have lost their jobs and look for a new one soon. According to Ipsos polls mentioned on Washington post, 33 million people lost their jobs and experts argued that 40% might have lost their job permanently in the United States of America itself.

 Therefore many people from the USA mentioned finding an appointment as soon as they can. Times have been rough, and they surely want to stabilize themselves with the new job. Those people are looking for a better job/company to work for, once the jobs and economy pick back up.

10. Stand uncomfortably close to strangers

The best one and most exciting of all the activities mentioned in this one. Life is all about meeting new people, but now I am so cautious that I don’t even talk to strangers. I find this very weird since I am an extrovert and I like to make new friends, but this was all before the pandemic. Oh god, I miss my old self. As soon as this is over what many people wanted to do is stand uncomfortably close to strangers.

So this was all I could gather from the minds of the people mostly from the USA. But you would surely agree with most of the points mentioned above and are definitely planning on to do one of them after the lockdown ends. Do share with us what are your things to do after lockdown ends and which was the activity you liked the most of those mentioned above.

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Stay safe and Healthy 🙂

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