Pro Kabaddi League PKL- All seasons, Detailed Stats, Top performers


It is a well-known sport in India ( all thanks to Pro Kabaddi League). India is best in terms of ranking in kabaddi because, in India, people are accustomed to playing kabaddi, dangal, and strength related games from their childhood itself. Due to this fact, India generates talented players more than any other country.

Kabaddi was founded in 1930 in India and became an international sport in 1990. Now it is included in the Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, and other mini Olympics. The kabaddi world cup has been played three times and all of these have been won by team India. This is the national sport of Bangladesh.

What I found the interesting rule of this game is the ‘Do-Or-Die Raid‘. This raid comes into the game when you do two consecutive empty raids, and then you have to make a point not to get out. Jaipur pink panthers defeated U Mumba in the final to take the first-ever title of pro kabaddi league.

Dangal Kabaddi

Dangal Kabaddi history
Dangal Kabaddi being played in ancient times

Kabaddi is known by different names in several states of India and some of them also have their style and rules of playing kabaddi at the state level. There is one more form of kabaddi called ‘Dangal Kabaddi’. It is more aggressive than regular kabaddi.

Kabaddi has been played in India for decades and its popularity goes on increasing every year. It is a pure ancient Indian game as proved by many ancient texts and literature. 5-6 years ago kabaddi was not that famous because of the lack of a big format.

Pro Kabaddi League

Sports authorities of India realized that India should start a kabaddi league to promote this game to the youth of India. So they started the Pro Kabaddi league. The idea was making this league as famous as IPL. Due to IPL young players come and play with experienced international players and can learn the game very closely.

Pro Kabaddi League image

They can show their talent and can take their place in the National team by proving their worth. Now Pro Kabaddi League is also doing great in this manner and is reaching out to a lot of audiences due to its live streaming on Online media and TV channels. The best discovery of PKL is Pradeep Narwal. Pradeep Narwal has earned the highest points in Pro Kabaddi League history. He got his entry into the National team just because of his PKL history.

Journey of Pro Kabaddi League (PKL)

Till now 7 seasons have been played, and all were very exciting. I am an eye-witness of watching the game go at a higher level of excitement and competition with every season. The final of every season is as suspenseful as it can get.

PKL season 1 Rahul Chaudhary

Season 1

If we talk about the first season of Pro Kabaddi League. It was an initiation of a new league of kabaddi which was a game people did not play or watch usually. There were a total of 8 teams in the first season. There was a round-robin format in the first season. The game started with a match between Jaipur Pink Panthers and U Mumba and coincidentally seasons ended with a final between these two teams.

Top Raider – Anup Kumar ( 155 points) 

Top Defender – Manjeet Chillar ( 51 points )

Winner Team – Jaipur Pink Panthers ( 579 points )

Season 2



Now we go to the second season of the league, and I remember the final between Defending finalist U Mumba and Bengaluru Bulls. The game was totally changed by U Mumba player Shabeer Bapu who scored a three-pointer super raid to lead his team to the championship for the first time. For me, it was the best raid I had seen until then.

Top Raider – Kashiling Adake ( 114 points )

Top Defender – Kashiling Adake ( 117 points )

Winning team – Telugu Titans

Season 3


The next season India found a star player Pradeep Narwal, ho took the highest points in the third season. His team Patna Pirates won the title also that season. Manjeet Chillar consistently again made the highest tackle points. He is the best all-rounder in the world right now. Pro kabaddi gave Rahul Chaudhary a new name ‘Poster Boy’ and ‘Show Man’. He was the highest points taker in the fourth season.

Top Raider – Pardeep Narwal ( 116 points )

Top Defender – Manjeet Chillar ( 61 points )

Winning Team – Patna Pirates

Season 4

In the fourth season, Pradeep again showed his potential and won the second title for his team. In the fifth season, it was the most exciting season I have witnessed because there were four extra teams included in that season. So there were more no of matches and more excitement.

Top Raider – Rahul Chaudhari ( 146 points )

Top Defender – Fazel Atrachali ( 52 points )

Winning Team – Puneri Paltan

Season 5

Pradeep Narwal took all the glory in the fifth season because he took 95 raid points in just 4 matches in playoffs. I  remember his 6 pointer raid which was in the limelight for months. He escaped from all the six players of Haryana Stealers standing there in the court.

He took 38 points in that match. It was the best performance ever in PKL history. Patna Pirates defeated Gujarat Fortunegiants in the well-fought match to the title consecutively for the third time.

Top Raider – Pardeep Narwal ( 369 points )

Top Defender – Surender Nada ( 80 points )

Winning Team – Patna Pirates

Season 6

In the sixth season, Bengaluru Bulls team was carried for the whole season by Pawan Sehrawat who took the most points in that season and leading from the front. It was Gujarat again in the final against the Bengaluru. This season was also full of excitement, but in the end, Bengaluru Bulls made it to their first Title in PKL history.

Top Raider – Pawan Sehrawat ( 271 points )

Top Defender – Nitesh Kumar ( 100 points )

Winning Team – Bengaluru Bulls

Season 7

The next and the latest season of Pro Kabaddi League was the longest season in which Bengal Warriors won the tournament for the first time. In this season many Irani players showcased their talents and proved their worths in PKL. Fazel Atrachali for the second time became most successful defender of the season.

Top Raider – Pawan Sehrawat ( 346 points )

Top Defender – Fazel Atrachali ( 82 points )

Winning Team – Bengal Warriors

List of Winner Teams of Pro Kabaddi League PKL ( All Seasons )

SeasonYearWinnersRunners-upFinal Score
12014Jaipur Pink PanthersU Mumba35-24
22015U MumbaBengaluru Bulls36-30
32016 (January)Patna PiratesU Mumba31-28
42016 (June)Patna PiratesJaipur Pink Panthers37-29
52017Patna PiratesGujarat Fortune Giants55-38
62018Bengaluru BullsGujarat Fortune Giants38-33
72019Bengal WarriorsDabang Delhi K.C.39-34

So, if we look back at what Pro Kabaddi League achieved then we can surely say that this tournament did the following things :

  • Found out new and emerging talented Kabaddi players
  • Made Kabaddi as a game popular in most parts of India
  • Expanded the scope of earning in Kabaddi as a profession
  • Generated interest of common people towards the game
  • Audience engagement, which enabled players to learn to soak the pressure and perform in tough situations
Indian Team wins World cup
Indian National Kabaddi Team after winning World cup

Obviously Players made huge money by Media and advertising, but what we can say for sure is the game would not have touched such heights if PKL was not there. Don’t Forget to Share this post with your Kabaddi lover friends.

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