ILLUMINATI : Origin of this secret society and Conspiracy theories.

The Illuminati Origins

It is a secret society that is rumored to control the whole world. People believe essential persons around the world are members of society, and collectively they are running the world. There are rumors that prominent actors, bankers, ministers, businessmen belong to this masked group.

The Illuminati has been the source of conspiracy theories for more than two centuries. But this is not the only secret society which is out there. The Knight’s Templar, Freemasons, Skulls and Bones, and many more are there. So why do people believe it!

Is Illuminati controlling the whole world?


Illuminati was founded somewhere in the 1700s by a Bavarian law professor Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt made the society for modern thinkers and challenged church views as in those days, the church was powerful and specific societies kept the church higher than the king. Soon, he was banished by the church, and he moved to Germany, where the society grew into a mysterious society of highly influential people.

Adam also became concerned about Europe’s politics, and that’s when the ambitious goal “controlling the whole world” emerged. Soon the french revolution broke out and followed by revolution all around the world broke out, and monarchies were getting replaced by democracy. In 1785 the Bavarian king banned secret societies, but by the time they had already spread all over Europe.

It is also believed that the Illuminati infiltrated other secret societies like freemasons. Unlike Illuminati, the freemasons were open about their organization like many founders of America. Presidents were freemasons, so they could have been secretly members of Illuminati.

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The famous Eye of Providence.

The eye symbol is often linked to the Illuminati. Also called as Eye of Providence, this symbol has been used since the days of Egyptians. Egyptians worshipped the Eye of Horus; the eye is also drawn in Supper at Emmaus by an Italian painter. The symbol is also printed at the back of the 1 dollar bill in America, which is considered proof Illuminati infiltrated freemasons.

illuminati mysterious eye symbol

Firstly let us see how much it is possible to control the whole world with just a handful of men. If we think about controlling the world, with only a few men, then the 21st century is the best time to take control. Since nowadays our activities do not differ.

Digital control

Let’s take a 30-year-old man’s life and see how much he may differ from other men of the same age. He will wake up at 7:00 AM and have office hours around 9 AM -5 PM, so he will leave for work around 8:30 AM due to traffic, and his office will be more than 3 kilometers from his office. In his office, he will be controlled by his CEO, who will be indirectly working for the company’s shareholders and board members.

The board will consist of 7-8 people, so if they want, they can make a worker do what they want in his 6 hrs of the total 24hrs. The board works to maximize the company’s profits, which will indirectly go back to the shareholder ( and every time the board member will have stocks of the same company ). Out of 24 hours in a day 6 hours, he is doing something which will benefit someone else.

illuminati digitally controlling us


Now an average man spends 3-4 hours on the digital world and entertainment. In the digital world, it is effortless to change our ideologies and stuff, which is not ours inside our brains. Everyone knows about the complaints on Facebook about how they played an invisible hand on American elections. I can assert that if companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Tesla want, they can change our preferences without even a small hint.

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They can force us to buy, accept preferences without us knowing that we are being pushed. Movies play essential roles in affecting our ideas. Suppose famous directors, producers, actors want. In that case, they can also affect our preferences, especially in categories where we did not have any choices before. CA’s changing already fixed preferences need consistent efforts that digital companies do with recommendations and ads.

illuminati member holding eye symbol

Assuming he sleeps 7 hours, so out of 17 hours, he is being controlled for 10 hours (minimum), which is 60% of the time he is conscious. Suppose I want to control the entire world with 20 people. In that case, I will select 5-10 highly political people, 5-7 businessmen, 3-4 CEOs, and international media heads, and a few top tier judges of significant countries. With these 20 people, I can manipulate the whole world without a doubt.

But there are some big problems in pulling this off. Firstly, the public should have absolutely no knowledge about if a society like this exists or not because it is not possible to manipulate people when they know that they may be manipulated.

Secondly, we need to recruit new people to keep the secret society and ideologies running. They should also be influential, valuable people, and it is too difficult to recruit new people to a secret society as they may expose it.

This problem can be solved by keeping two organizations, one publically and others secretly, and promoting people to the secret society based on trust.

Thirdly, maintaining a secret society will need some dark actions to make sure no member of the secret society betrays and takes care of people who somehow get to know about society.

illuminati How they rule us

There should be zero evidence on any meeting of the secret society and given that every one of the society is a famous person, it will be tough to arrange a meeting without public notice. How to give instructions to the members because of zero evidence no calls, texts, obviously no WhatsApp moreover no digital trace.

We can provide coded messages within the news in newspapers, which only they can decode and understand without causing any doubt to people around them.

They will carry on with their everyday life until they receive instructions from society in this way I could control the whole world. But the chances of a secret society like the Illuminati existing in this world are very slim, but it is still possible.

Also, even if Illuminati exists, it is impossible to control the whole world 100%. Still, they will be able to affect the direction in which the human race will proceed.

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