4 Most Popular Myths about India and Truth behind them.

At one hand our India is getting praised for its picturesque beauty, monuments, luscious deserts and appetizing savouries by our guests and on the other hand it’s been deployed by several myths and taboos.

So here, this piece of writing will bust tons of misconceptions and myths about India.

These views shared ahead are the perception of people who lived here for a long time and in this duration of stay taught them that their opinion about India was so outdated.

Coming to the first and very popular one : India is a poor and an underdeveloped country…

Well, that’s not 100% true . It’s one of the very popular myths about India because we have been portraying slums, villages, trucks, messy streets, dirty roads, undernourished , uneducated children starving for food and education etc in our movies which led foreigners to frame a scenario of India as a poor and underdeveloped country but actually it’s not.

People living in India know well that it’s a rapidly developing economy with great innovative minds. It’s just shown in movies to grab peoples’ eye on the weaker section which craves attention. People relate better to things which they see and movies are admired at large scale everywhere and its just a way to make people sympathize towards them. 

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We have many megacities like New Delhi, Gurgaon , Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Chandigarh etc which are going to give you a taste of western culture with in Indian touch and moreover India will add 2 new 10 million person megacities by 2030. 

Second most popular taboo is : India is the rape capital of the World. 

We accept that india witnessed horrible incidents in past times but there are countries which witnessed even the worst cases. Women. safety is an issue at every place, not only in India, but it’s just that they are not covered under media. Countries, even more unsafe for women than India exist and they even don’t provide them with the equal rights and respect as India do, but its just that it’s not in hot topics.

Say No to Rape India Myths

Actually there is no place in the world where women are 100% safe ,So symbolising India specifically with this spot is totally invalid.Conversely india is trying it’s best to save, protect and respect their women by providing them equal rights, opportunities, helpline numbers which is active 24/7. Also there is an increase in the number of women in army, fighting planes, engineering, police , IAS which were earlier considered only for men . 

There is death penalty as punishment for the extreme cases of rapes and many more changes are on the way. These steps take time to implement , it’s not like a packet of noodles made and eaten in seconds. 

In countries like Russia, Norway ,New Zealand etc they just have few years of imprisonment, after which they again are restored to normal life even they wrecked the women’s entire life. Moreover jails in these places cannot be overlooked as punishments, they are rather luxurious hotels!!The prisoner is provided with all the savouries, entertainment, outings and even an internet access!! Will anybody even call this a punishment for destroying multiple lives.

 The punishments , here in india are way better and tougher. This busts the rape myths about India. Also going to jail in India is a next level punishment where the accused are tortured , beaten, laboured and kept on minimal food ,every now and then to remind them of their deeds every single second. Here is the Statistics on Rape countrywise – Rankings on Rape cases Globally.

So , this far we came, I want to ask you  Will you still call it a RAPE CAPITAL?

Third popular opinion or myths about India is : India is a dangerous country due the existence of the Disunity between the only two existing groups namely Indians and Muslims who creates havoc every now and then .

Hindu Muslim unity myths about india

First of all dividing India only amongst 2 religion is totally a dull-witted cocept. We have preserved many religions like Hindus, Muslims , Sikhs, Christians , Buddhists , Jains, Parsis and even Jews living all together peacefully under one roof : India by respecting each other religions by knowing and showing interest in each other’s religion.

We all have different lifestyle: food, tastes, recipes , cuisines, clothing, costumes etc . We show our love by adapting each other lifestyle. Like Punjabis having Idlis and Dosas, Christians/Parsis/Jews showing interest in Sarees, and other traditional dresses , Muslims eating sweets on Diwali and Hindus relishing Sewaiyan on Eid. This is our brotherhood and this is the bond that we share.

People overseas, covers long distances to appreciate these infinite savouries, trying dozens of varieties of clothes, accessories, and enjoying multiple lifestyles, beauty of temples, mosques , gurudwara, church etc.  This is what that make India and Indians unique and this is why We are  termed as the land of  Unity in Diversity.

Also an interesting fact is that, France have French , Australia have English , Austria has German ,China has Chinese, Greece has Greek as it’s language but it’s in India that our language is not just Indian , this Indian language holds multiple languages and emotions within it like Hindi, Bengali, Marathi , Gujrati, Telugu , Urdu, Tamil, Kannad, Assamese, Maithili , Punjabi and to be continued and now this list is including English too.

Fourth Popular  Myths about India :

India is cheap, lowbrow, low class and a down market country having low standards. People here are so miser and money-minded spent that are only keen in saving money. Find new ways to save money and also possess tactless taste in style and fashion.

As far as being down market in fashion and style is concerned, then India won miss world beauty pageant 6 times. And we have many Indian celebrities and creative minds who have made India proud by showcasing their exclusive talents across the world few amongst them are Priyanka Chopra, Amartya Sen, Salman Rushdie, S. Chandrashekhar, Mira Nair and many more.

And if being money thrift is concerned than utilizing old resources in a reusable way is an art that resides with people who are creative. Also it contributes in less waste collection. Like reusing polythene bags, empty cold drink bottles, old clothes as mop. We Indians like to ensure that we throw the minimum and utilize the Maximum. These myths about India are sometimes baseless and non-factual.

There are talented people in India that are skilled to repair your anything to everything . Hole in clothes? We have tailors. They can literally turn that torn piece into appealing designs and at a minimal cost. Want to get your shoes to mend? We have cobblers and that too at a minimal cost.

Just imagine if you have a fracture, will you throw your leg? And replace it with artificial one ? Obviously a big NO… Instead you will go to a doctor to heal . Why ? Because you prioritize your organs.

Indians provide the same priority to our everything because they serve our needs and hence we find it better to repair and reuse rather than to throw and waste. So we have discussed the most popular myths about india.

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