MODERN ILLUMINATI – How it functions? & Who controls it

Welcome back! In our recent post, Illuminati : Are they controlling us? we talked about the history of the Illuminati. We discussed how Illuminati was founded by a law professor? how illuminati was established? how modern illuminati started digitally controlling us? But at last, we concluded that Illuminati was not getting much profit after World War Two. Now because of advacement in technology, modern Illuminati has become prominent.

DISCLAIMER : Before getting started I just wanted to confirm that, These are all conspiracy theories about modern Illuminati and I found them on the internet. Does Illuminati still exist? We never know. There is no proof. But Hollywood movies show so much interest in Illuminati that some believe in Illuminati so much that they feel insecure. Well, at last, it is up to you to decide whether Illuminati exists or not.

Modern Illuminati and Stages of Joining.

There are some theories that said that the Illuminati became so strict in terms of choosing their members that now they took tests to join them. There are three stages of joining the Illuminati. Everyone who becomes a member of the Illuminati goes through these three stages of joining which define their participation and role in the organization.

NURSERY : Beginners in the secret organisation

People who don’t have any knowledge of the working of secret organisations and are new to the rules of the Illuminati are kept in this category. They are allowed limited participation and are shared limited information so that the efficiency of the organisation remains intact. They are just minor members of society and are gradually taught from the basics so that they can play a vital role for Illuminati in the near future.Modern illuminati members with hidden identity performing their functions.

MASONRY : The Foundation and Working group of Illuminati.

The members of this stage are those who are promoted from the nursery as an appreciation of their Loyalty and contribution to the society. They form the major part of Modern Illuminati and they do most of the work of promoting, controlling, and engaging the Nursery in the market, making them aware of their role and contribution for the society.

They keep their identity a secret. They use hand symbols. Also, they also have sub-stages to joining. They have to do rituals to go to the next stage and if they do the rituals they could get into the master stage. Some old head members of the Masonry stage call themselves as ILLUMINANTS MAJORS.


They worship Lucifer and hate god and don’t allow any masonry to have bibles and any other holy objects. If somebody doesn’t do the rituals correctly, punishment is given. The punishment could be very strict depending upon the degree of wrong-doing by the member

MYSTERIES : Elite Members of Modern Illuminati.

The last stage, with no doubt, has most elite members and rich people who fund most of the activities of the secret society and have a say in its working. They do their work very silently and are absolute ghosts in terms of hiding identity. Nobody knows what members are involved in it.

But rumours say that Mysteries contain old kings, priests, magus, and princes. Magus and kings have greater numbers in Illuminati as compared to Prince and priests. The members of the last stage know the top secrets and they influence the rules and motives of Modern Illuminati.

Illuminati and aliens

Also, we know that Illuminati’s members are so clever. I believe that they themselves spread fake news to attract members into the secret society, it maybe a part of their marketing propaganda. There are some theories that say Members of Illuminati are ALIENS and they are living on earth With human faces and bodies and they are researching us.

Modern Illuminati symbols like Ring of Snake and Eye of Providence

Also, illuminates symbol, the Eye of Providence, has a triangle in it and we know that Egyptians pyramids are also perfect triangles. We can’t conclude how can such a huge architecture be built with so much of perfection without using cement. Yes, it is standing tall, only because of physics.

Anyways, people believe that Aliens helped Egyptians to build this architect. And these members are the elite members of the Illuminati. Honestly, I don’t believe in this trash, but I do believe in aliens. We will also cover the topics of aliens in our upcoming posts. But I think it’s idiotic to relate Illuminati with aliens. I think Illuminati spread these theories themselves so that people don’t know about their exact motive and working and they could do their work more efficiently.

Government and Illuminant’s identity.

The next thing is that the Illuminati has conquered almost every strong society like the US government, NATO, Vatican city, Soviet union, global media and Hollywood. Actually, these are the societies that can reveal the secrets of the Illuminati, and obviously, if they join the Illuminati, then their identity will not be exposed.

Illuminati and the US government started in the same year. Yes, Illuminati was remade in 1976 when the US government got a republic. Illuminati symbols are one eye and one us dollar also contains one eye in it.

Members of Modern Illuminati and their Roles.


Many famous celebrities are also involved in the secret society of Modern Illuminati but as I said before no one takes the name so I could not get much information about them. Some people also say that Illuminati members drink blood. Yes, this could be true because this is a part of the rituals they perform.

illuminati members perfroming rituals for secret society of Illuminati


Theories say that there are many headquarters of the Illuminati and they all are underground. These are situated in that place where there is less population. People believe that there is a headquarters in Canada where there are mystery sculptures. And also when planes travel over that place their mirrors shatter down without any specific physical reason.

The petrol consumption is very high compared to the average consumption in nearby places. Also, there are very large tunnels underground which are not in use for the general population for a long time and no-one knows for what purpose they are being used now.


Many doctors, scientists, and hackers are part of the Illuminati. It is believed that many prisoners which are talented in specific art and techniques are a part of Illuminati. Illuminati fakes their death, removes their identity, and forces them to be part of their team.

This was all the information about the secret society of Modern Illuminati that I could gather for you people since three weeks I guess. I will come up with some more interesting posts on Mystery around the world. So Click on Subscribe to push notifications at the top of this page.

Remember this information is just for educational purposes, we do not promote this organisation or endorse their functioning in any way. Please stay away from such dangerous societies and do not try to join them Online or any other means.

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