Kalinga War : Mystery behind Ashoka’s conversion to buddhism.


Kalinga (presently Odisha) was a prosperous place for which the battle took place. The battle was fought between the Mauryan emperor Ashoka the great and the state of Kalinga.

Chandragupta Maurya (Ashoka’s grandfather) tried to occupy Kalinga but failed to do so. Later Bindusara (Ashok’s father) also tried to conquer Kalinga but was unsuccessful. The main reason of the Kalinga war and for the loss was the feudal system of Kalinga which had its own army and was a great republic. After the death of Bindusara, Ashoka decided to expand the Mauryan empire and do what his ancestors were not able to do.

Ashoka wrote a note to the king of Kalinga raja Anantha Padmanabhan for submission to the Mauryan empire. The proposal for submission was rejected, and the battle was inevitable. It was the first battle in which Ashoka the great was physically present. The Mauryan empire was widespread across all over India except Kalinga. Therefore the defeat of Kalinga was slightly predictable, but it was not that easy.

King Ashoka after winning Kalinga war
Around 0.3 Million People died in Kalinga War

Hundreds of thousands of soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield of Kalinga war. It is also said that the Daya river alongside the battlefield turned red in color after such a fierce battle. The blood of many great warriors and civilians mixed in the grounds of kalinga.piles of dead bodies, which cannot be identified anymore was kept building up. Seeing such a massacre, Ashoka started to self analyze himself.

Despite winning in the Kalinga war, Ashoka realized that he had lost. Ashoka was in grief after seeing such bloodshed. Many children lost their parents.there was no one in Kalinga who hadn’t lost his closed one in this war. The war turned out to be the turning point of Ashoka’s life. After the war, he decided to follow Buddhism. He led his kingdom forty years with peace and harmony.

Conclusion of Kalinga War

kalinga war

Warriors also have a heart testimony to this fact is the Kalingais Kalinga war itself. War has not just ended with victory or defeat.war ends immense loss of life. After the battle, everyone was in shock for almost a decade as they have lost everyone they know. At the time of
battle after each day, Ashoka’s commander gave him details of what happened on the battlefield. The number of dead bodies was countless that ignited the guilt and grief of Ashoka.

Self-realization is of utmost importance to look after the effects of anything. As this was a matter of life or death. The doings of Ashoka’s can’t be changed. The battle shouldn’t have happened was the last Thought which Ashoka might have thought of. Ashoka knew the fact that he cannot rectify his decision, which leads to destruction. Buddhism was his only option to gain peace for himself as well as for his kingdom.

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Battle of Hydaspes

Battle of Hydaspes was between Alexander the Great and King Porus. The battle took place along the banks of the river Jhelum. The battle took place in 326 BC. This battle changed the history of India forever. Chanakya took the learning from the battle of hydaspes, he
established the foundation stone of the Mauryan empire. To expand his empire in the east AlexanderAlexander was taking all the territories from where he passes.

Battle of Hydaspes
The armed forces Alexander was in great confidence as they defeated the great Persian empire in 327BC. Despite the marginal win of Alexander in the battle, he lost. As his dream of conquering the world was ruined after this battle as his army suffered a huge loss. This battle
put an end to the expansion of Alexander’s empire. The last governors were overthrown by the Mauryan empire.

Alexander was not just a great but also a great diplomat. He made Ambhi Kumar the king of Taxila his friend. Both the forces were ready to fight with each other. The other the only barrier was the Jhelum river. To flank from the right, Alexander left Craterus, his general in the front, to look into the strategies of king Porus. He also placed a look like himself in the battle and himself was dressed as Indians Till then Porus figured out the plan of Alexander. It was quite late.

Battle of Hydaspes soldiers of Alexandaer fighting
The main reason for the defeat of king Porus was extreme weather conditions. The rain didn’t allow archers to aim properly. The chariots of king Porus got stuck in the marshy lands. Last but not least, Alexander aimed for the eyes of war elephants of King Porus, which were enough
to take over the battle.

Result of Battle of Hydaspes

The battle had a great impact on the world as the expansion of greeks was ultimately put to an end. After defeating Porus, Alexander asked Porus what should be done to you. Porus replied that do that which a king does to another king. After an immense loss of life, the army of
Alexander was not capable of going further. The battle was a lesson for many upcoming kings. Alexander returned back the empire to Porus after such an epic battle.

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