Evolution of Science : Discovering Fire to Nuclear weapon Technology

Evolution Of Science: Ancient Science to 21st Century Tech.


The first and most important scientific discovery was the fire. Ancient humans found fire millions of years ago, even before writing or proper language was invented. It took the early humans much time before they decoded the mystery of fire, but after that, the time intervals between significant discoveries decreased exponentially.

The rate of evolution of science is astonishing, within a lifespan, the things around us change so drastically. The most amazing part of this is that it does not seem to slow down at all; in fact, it appears to spearhead through its way. Currently, humans spend trillions and trillions of money on scientific research all over the globe.

Evolution of Science Technology Discovery of Fire
Revolutionizing Discovery of Fire

There is no exact reason for what exactly Evolution of science is trying to achieve and Will the development of science stop? We can tell that science is trying to keep humankind alive, so Evolution of science will not stop until the last one of us is still alive. We would not have survived without fire as we would not have survived against wild animals. So, Science has been our way of avoiding extinction.

Evolution of Science : Early Phase

In the ancient era, science was developed only for making human lives more comfortable and for human’s insatiable greed. The discovering of fire was purely accidental, but humans exploited it for their survival as that was their foremost goal.

Evolution Science Technology Ancient Tribal people
Tribal people and Ancient Science

Branches of early science

In the early days, the Evolution of Science was still a core topic of concern and did not have specific areas of interest. But, changes started to get categorized in specific fields since the Mesopotamian age and we got some branches of early science as mentioned below.


  • Observing Surroundings

In the early days, most of the science was reasoning about our surroundings like in about 4000 BC, the Mesopotamians suggested that Earth was at the center of the universe based on their observations. We have always been interested in our origins and existence in this universe. Early human beings were also interested in metals like gold and silver, which are present in their native state and do not need any chemical processing.

  • MedicineEvolution Science Technology Medicine

One of the early forms of science was medicine, and early humankind noticed that certain plants had medicinal properties and could be used to treat diseases. The field of medicine has been growing since then and now human has found the cure of almost all diseases we have encountered in the past.

  • Metallurgy

Wars between tribes triggered the search for better weapons which led to the search of metals and started the branch of metallurgy. Humans discovered various metals as rocks, and these got used in making weapons. Around 5800 years ago bronze was used in warfare, and it has been in use till the early modern age, it was used as armor for a long time because of its lightweight and durability.

Discovery of iron

Evolution Science Technology Discovery of Iron metal
Using Iron to make Tools


The most significant Evolution of Science happened when iron was discovered, which is accepted to be a milestone in human history. Iron replaced all stone tools and increased the productivity of humankind, now buildings and settlements were raised faster, hunting was easier than forging as iron tools can penetrate the skin. The discovery of iron changed the food chain entirely, and humans started exploring without any fear.

Communication and Science

The fluent speech had been in use for more than 35000 years, but the first primitive writing was developed only 6000 years ago by the Egyptians and Mesopotamians. The development of writing caused documentation of discoveries and inventions. Civilizations started writing about their surroundings and their past.

Evolution of Science Technology Communication systems
Better Communication Technologies are a Boon of Evolved Science

They started recording everything happening around them and stored them in stones. Writing opened the branch of History, and eventually, it also became a form of expression. Religious texts were written on principles and procedures to perform rituals. After 1000 years proper writing alphabets were developed. The Greeks started modern science which we know today.

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Era of thinkers

Around 2600 years ago, Aristotle, Pythagoras, and other greek scientists wrote about their postulates and theories. The first time scientific theories were formed and were subject to questions started during this time. During this period, mathematics saw significant advancement, Evolution of Science started to take shape and mathematics had started to become the backbone of science. Philosophers formed philosophical principles, and humans started classifying human behavior as good or bad. Human rights, judicial laws were formed without any bias on birth.

Evolution Science Technology Development of Mathematics

Copernicus opposed the widely accepted Geocentric Theory and proved that reality and religious beliefs were not the same. After this, scientific discoveries started demanding experimental proofs and hence experimental science become a concept. Significant medical advancement came in during this period. Harvey proposed the circulation of blood and also the average lifespan of humans started increasing during this time.

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Philosophy and science

While writing about the history of Evolution of science, often philosophy is forgotten, as the world was brewing with scientific inventions and ideas. Philosophy is the mother of science. Philosophical ideas and theories started emerging about 2600 years ago. Philosophers proposed Controversial ideas and the general public debated about controversial ideas and people got divided by philosophical ideas.

Sad story of Copernicus

Statue of Nicholas Copernicus holding the Globe
Statue of Copernicus holding Globe in his hand

The struggle for superiority between science and religion started as Copernicus opposed the geocentric theory, which was told by Christian churches. It is instead a sad story for all science lovers that till Copernicus was alive, he was assumed to be mad and even spiritually possessed.

After 20 years Galileo proved the heliocentric theory and started modern science with a bang in the minds of all the supporters of geocentric theory who were blindly following the words of Christian monks. The transition between these two theories was very rough as it revolutionized the ideas and possible outcomes of pursuing science.

Newtonian Era


Newtonian Telescope Evolution of Technology
Advanced Newtonian Telescope like machine

About 300 years ago Newton published the famous theory of gravity, and the era of Newtonian mechanics begun. The invention of the telescope opened new possibilities in astronomy.

Astronomers started observing planets, comets and the mystery of life beyond earth started, and ideas about aliens, UFOs, Martians started emerging. Science fiction novels were being published, for example, “Frankenstein” and “The Last Man”.

Warfare and Science

About 200 years ago the science which we know today emerged along with the industrial revolution in Britain. At that time Science was used on a  mass scale to make lives more comfortable, and sadly it was also the first time when science was used on a mass scale to produce deadly weapons, and the first-ever bio-weapon got invented.



Nuclear Warfare destroyed city evolution of science technology
Destruction of the city caused by Nuclear Warfare

These weapons then took the lives of millions of men in the World Wars that followed. Maybe if humans did not develop science, then these wars could have been avoided.

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After that, the breakthrough came in all fields; the most mentionable ones are the first powered flight, the theory of special relativity, the structure of DNA, the first human on the Moon, the human Genome project, organ transplant, Cloning, and many more. Let me know your thoughts in the Comments section. Adios.


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