Atlantis : Mystery of Underwater City Finally Revealed!!

ATLANTIS : The Lost City

According to Historians, Atlantis was a Super-advanced Prehistoric civilization beyond the Pillars of Hercules. It submerged into the ocean after losing favor from the gods.

Where is Atlantis The Lost City located?

Ever since Plato described the island of the Gods, it has been debated upon for thousands of years. Many archaeologists have predicted the location of Atlantis and the most common predictions are beneath the Atlantic ocean, beneath the coast of Spain, in the Mediterranean sea, beyond the Pillars of Hercules, and even below Antarctica.

How developed Atlantis was?

Plato said that Atlantis was a utopian civilization with advanced technology and had abundant resources. The island had concentric water channels with massive temples for gods like Poseidon. Their civilization’s military power was strong enough to take control of the entire Europe. Then one day they ran out of favor from gods and the whole island was submerged by tsunamis and earthquakes.


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Plato’s work and Atlantis.

Most of the modern archaeologists do not believe in Atlantis as there is no physical evidence to prove it and no one other than Plato wrote about Atlantis. Archaeologists think that Plato made up this story for the moral reason that the Atlanteans crossed the line and the gods destroyed them.

Plato writes about Atlantis in Timaeus where Atlantis is being spoken by a person named Critias. The story of Atlantis was passed generation after generation in Critias’s family. Critias tells Plato that his story is authentic and also a bizarre one. Solon, a Greek writer, first heard this story on his visit to Egypt and told his friend who is the great grandfather of Critias.

Myths about Atlantis.

The Egyptian priest told Solon that once Athens was at war with a prosperous civilization with a very mighty navy and later excessive floods and earthquakes happened and the island sank, and Athens won the war. The reason for the extensive occurrence of natural calamities is believed to be said that “due unjust lust for Possession and Power “.

Zeus, the god of the gods, also Poseidon’s brother unleashed wrath upon Atlantis. So clearly, it could all be just a made-up story as there is a moral from the story, and it could have been only to tell how Athens fought for their freedom and beat a powerful civilization.

Atlantis underwater mystery city location is still unknown
Location of mysterious Underwater city Atlantis is still debated.

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Evidence of Atlantis’s Existence.

However, there is also another possibility that the whole story is 100% true. First is that Plato described this, and Plato is considered to be one great person in the Greekian era, and he must have had much reputation among his countrymen, and making up a story like this could damage his reputation.

Also in Timeus, Plato discusses real-world objects, a terrain. So there is no reason for him to include a moral story there. Plato himself is known to present things with exaggeration to attract his audience so if Critias did exaggerate then Plato would have found out and would not have written about Atlantis.

Also adding to these Socrates was present when Critias was narrating the story. Two most influential persons of greek philosophy were present during the narration, and if it was all but a lie, then it would not have been written by Plato. So at least some part of the story has to be true.

How and where Atlantis was lost?

Now let’s come to the way Atlantis was lost. A notable point here is “The bronze age collapse “which happened to the Mediterranean civilizations around the same time. Bronze age collapse destroyed significant civilizations, and trade came to a complete halt, writing systems disappeared.

Every Mediterranean civilization was destroyed, and hardly Egypt survived the disaster civilizations like Minions, Myceneans, Hittites which were flourishing came down to ashes in 50 years. The bronze age collapse does not have any valid reason; there are multiple
reasons like natural calamities, internal wars, natural catastrophes, invasions by (“Sea People”).

Were Atlanteans the “Sea People”

The problem with these proposed reasons is that all of these reasons have gone through natural calamities, invasions. Multiple events should have happened at the same time to cause destruction of this level. The “Sea People “are taken to be sea tribes that came primarily via sea and raided the states. This when combined with climate failure and famine might turn very deadly.

Atlantis lost city sea people mystery
Statues depicting Sea people on a mysterious island


Did the “Sea People” also cause problems for the Atlanteans? Were the Atlanteans the “Sea People”. The second statement is more probable as the Atlanteans had enough military to take down 4-5 civilizations. After a mysterious wipeout of many prosperous civilizations along with Atlantis, it took humanity more than 200 years to recover from it.

Popular Theories about Atlantis

There are some theories regarding the disappearance of Atlantis from some internet geeks Such as :

  • Atlanteans were a different human species, and they became technologically so advanced that they sank Atlantis in order to protect their people from the exterior world and to maybe save the utopian technology they had created.

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  • Some suggest that they are still alive but in a different dimension so we cannot see them either do any of our machines which all are designed in the 3d perspective.
  • Some even say that they are guiding us in achieving utopia which they managed to achieve millions of years ago so they cannot directly interfere with our progress, so they are indirectly walking us down the path.

The search for Atlantis !

After the 19th century, people have been looking out for Atlantis by the description given by Plato and the unique descriptions of Atlantis is that it had circular channels around the central temple to Poseidon. Several archaeological groups have found circular patterns in the deep sea at different places and massive pillars and structures.

There are other civilizations that could be Atlantis based on what Plato described in his book like Thera, Minion. Aegean island Thera was a powerful civilization that could come at a comparable level with Atlantis but was smaller than what Plato described. The Minions might have had a cultural link with Atlanteans as their form of giving prayers and sacrificing was similar to what Plato described.

Atlantis city mystery location
The search for the Lost city Atlantis, continues.


It is a big mystery regarding the wipeout of all the powerful civilizations in a mere 50 years if the wipeout would have been avoided then we would have been more advanced than now. The strange “sea people” who could have caused bronze age wipeout- were they Atlanteans who wanted to stop our growth or was the story of Atlantis a fairy tale? The search Continues!!

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